12 Habits Every Youngest Child In The Family Carries Into Their 20s

this one says it all!!

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Jill GJill G

1. They learn best by being mentored.

Youngest children learned everything they know through imitation and this is blatantly obvious when they enter the work force. Walk them through the steps of a process and you’ll only confuse them. Sit them next to the most successful person in the office and they’ll be miracle workers by next Wednesday.

2. They show love by showing up.

You know that friend who jumps on board with every crazy scheme and never misses one of your slam poetry readings? Probably a youngest child. We understood from a young age that love means going to every hockey game, dance recital, spelling bee and soccer practice…even if we only had to go because it was cheaper than hiring a babysitter.

3. But they have no problem doing things alone.

Nobody wants to travel to Africa with me? That’s okay, I’ll just go by…

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